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In brief

Local self-administration

Local self-administration

Contents page of May's D+C print edition with links to all contributions:


Hans Dembowski:
Devolution of government powers to sub-national levels deepens democracy and serves long term stability



Why churches matter in the context of human-rights protection | WHO report on ambient and household air pollution | IPCC assess need for – and feasibility of – climate protection | Nowadays: Handicrafts provide Syrian refugee women with new livelihoods in Lebanon | In brief | Armament trends according to SIPRI | PEGNet survey shows that development researchers are interested in sharing insights with agencies


Focus: Local self-administration

Agnes Abuom:
Kenya is devolving powers to its newly established counties

Isabel Günther and Alexandra Horst:
How to improve sanitation for the poor in Kampala’s informal settlements

Samwar Fallah:
It would make sense to let the people elect Liberian mayors

Interview with Stefan Wilhelmy:
How German municipalities tackle climate issue together with local governments in the Global South

Reham Alhelsi and Petra Schöning:
Female shadow councils support municipal councilwomen in the Palestinian Territories

Sebastián Vargas:
The lasting relevance of the popular assemblies which emerged in Argentina’s financial crisis of 2001/02

Alan C. Robles:
Disgraced president is now serving as mayor of Manila
Metro Manila: why the governance structure is so complicated, and why that is not so unusual



Thomas Kruchem:
Why smallholder farmers in southern Africa are stuck in poverty

Katharina Braun and Anna Luisa Paffhausen:
Lessons Mozambique’s new state-owned development bank must heed



Participants share their views after the first High-Level Meeting of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation