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Print edition

Contents October issue

by Wolf Dagmar

In brief

Traumas of the past

Traumas of the past

Contents page of October's D+C print edition with links to all contributions:


Hans Dembowski:
Impossible to wish away


Economic growth is good for Africa, but not enough in itself | The developmental role of migrants’ organisations | EU trade agreements with ACP countries | Dealing with natural disasters | Nowadays: Motorcycle taxis in Cameroon | New hope for Myanmar | In brief

Focus: Traumas of the past

Interview with Estela de Carlotto:
The stolen babies of political prisoners in Argentina

Sheila Mysorekar:
How children disappeared

Andreas Jacobs:
A new beginning for Egypt and other Arab spring countries

Hadija Ramadan al-Amami:
Gaddafi’s victims demand justice

Interview with Quentin Peel:
Germany has done a lot to deal with its past

Edith Koesoemawiria:
Timor Leste’s painful independence from Indonesia

David Moore:
Why South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission is an over-rated model

Manuel Wollschläger:
Armed clashes keep flaring up in the DR Congo
A history of bloodshed

Interview with Godeliève Mukasarasi:
Raped mothers in Rwanda learn to deal with their personal history

Stefanie Keienburg:
Psycological wounds are still hurting Rwanda


Eleonore von Bothmer:
How two Malawian diabetics are coping with their condition

Oliver Möllenstädt:
Indian interest in recycling plastic waste

Friedrich Kaufmann and Winfried Borowczak:
Challenges for industrial policy in Mozambique

Rahim Hajji and Soraya Moket:
Moroccan diaspora in Germany is ready to support development efforts in country of origin


Comments on western governments’ response to outrage in Muslim countries and Saudi Arabia’s support for Islamist forces | Letter