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Audrey Simango

is a freelance journalist working in South Africa and Zimbabwe. 

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Undocumented immigrants

Immigrants trapped in illegality

In Johannesburg, clerics and worshippers say their conscience is torn between illegal money and seeing their churches impoverished, because they fund their churches with illegal mining.


Free access television viewing for all

Governments in Sub-Saharan-Africa strive to destroy the monopoly of Africa’s leading pay-TV provider, offering cheap free-to-air devices to their citizens.

Intra-African migration

Unwelcome neighbours

South Africa has seen several waves of migration from Zimbabwe. After apartheid, Zimbabweans were welcome. But with South Africa’s own economic problems, they have been met with growing hostility over the past years.

Second-hand trade

Reselling imported used couches and sofas in Zimbabwe

Second-hand furniture from the UK is very popular in Zimbabwe, being sold for good prices

Cultural norms

Digitalising bride price payments

An entrepreneur developed an app to standardise brides prices in South Africa, that encounters much criticism


Communal meals unite rich and poor

The custom of “mahwauro”, a practice of serving meals on fresh banana leaves, is a reminder of the possibility of an equal society in Zimbabwe

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