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Damilola Oyedele

last contributed to D+C/E+Z in spring of 2018 as senior correspondent at THISDAY Newspaper in Abuja, Nigeria.

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Forgotten heroes

Orphans who raise their younger siblings deserve special attention, not only in Nigeria

High blood pressure

A social divide

In Nigeria, the poor tend to ignore the early symptoms of hypertension that must be taken seriously


The fates of two teenage mothers

In Nigeria, many girls’ lives are ruined by early pregnancy

Sex education

Face the truth

Nigeria’s incidence of teenage pregnancies is unacceptably high


Cattle in the cassava field

Desperate herders terrify Nigerian farmers

Water stress

The dwindling lake

Climate change in the Lake Chad region affects several countries negatively


Embracing blackness

Many African women stop using relaxers on their hair

Identification technology

Permanent voter cards prevent election fraud

In Nigeria’s 2015 general elections democracy was strengthened thanks to digital data

Internally displaced persons

Refugees in their own country

Because of Boko Haram’s terror attacks, millions of Nigerians are on the run


In fear of voters

Many Nigerians believe the elections were postponed because the ruling party was afraid of losing

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