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Hans Dembowski

Hans Dembowski

is editor-in-chief of D+C/E+Z.

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European law

DSA is an EU effort to manage systemic online risks

Innovative European legislation regarding digital services may set global example

Global governance

The vision of a rules-based order

To people in disadvantaged country, the world order often looks quite arbitrary

Political jargon

Why “global south” is not a useful term

Some powerful nations – especially China – do not fit into the dichotomy of a global north and south

Technical jargon

Development jargon: Aid or cooperation?

The efforts of German policymakers to make people talk about “development cooperation” instead of “development aid” have largely failed. Here is why

Multilateral institution

What the World Bank must do better

Leading German government official demands reforms at multilateral development bank

Artificial intelligence

Why AI is likely to reinforce common narratives

Chatbots will make formal education more, not less important

Global governance

What is wrong with WTO and IMF?

Indonesian economist assesses recent track record of two multilateral institutions of vital importance for international development

Our view

Digitalisation requires private dynamism and prudent regulation

How private-sector companies drove digital progress in developing countries and why governments still matter

World Bank

Biden’s interesting choice for the World Bank’s top job

Ajay Banga, who thrived on Wall Street, will most likely be appointed World Bank president

Overview fiscal space

Governments’ budget constraints are too tight

To rise to the challenges of the current polycrisis, governments need more fiscal space

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