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Jeffrey Moyo

Jeffrey Moyo

last contributed to D+C/E+Z in 2023 as a journalist and lives in Harare, Zimbabwe.  

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Elections in Zimbabwe are accompanied by political violence

Ahead of the election in Zimbabwe, those opposing the government in power are on the receiving end of most violence


Influencing teachers in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s ruling party is blamed to indoctrinate teachers for its cause


Abandoned towns, abandoned people

In the north of Zimbabwe, former miner and their families stay in abandoned towns living in poverty and hoping that mining will resume some day

Government criticism

Protection for protesters by anonymity of the internet

Fearing life-threatening violence, demonstrators go online with their protest against the government in Zimbabwe


Fighting violence through martial arts

In Zimbabwe more and more women defend themselves against violent attacks by training martial arts

Sick children

Emotional and economic hardships

Children born with severe heart conditions do not have a big chance of getting adequate medical treatment in Zimbabwe


Sign language is crucial for integration

Deaf and dumb people in Zimbabwe are mostly excluded from social and work life because not enough people can use sign language


Caring for victims of sexual violence

A clinic in Bulawayo offers free medical and psycho-social care to victims of sexual violence and rape


Boreholes to nowhere

Groundwater resources in Zimbabwe are being depleted through over-use

Prison conditions

D+C correspondent locked up in Zimbabwean prison

Jeffrey Moyo endured three weeks in Zimbabwean jails under horrifying conditions

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