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last contributed to D+C/E+Z in autumn 2018 as a freelancer.

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Prosperity through the right ­institutions

The success of prosperous nations rests upon sound political institutions

Summer special

A changing country

Summer Special 6: A novel about Ethiopia’s turbulent history


“Losing track means losing lives”

Civil-society organisation ONE criticises donors lack of funding transparency in Ebola crisis


Hunger in numbers

UN argues that MDG 1 showed fighting hunger can succeed


Inclusion serves prevention of extremism

Experts discuss how the radicalisation of young Muslims and non-Muslims can be prevented

Energy transition

German responsibility

Friedrich Ebert Foundation wants Germany to share experience in energy efficiency and renewables

Energy supply

Great need – great potential

Private investors need appropriate business climate to build energy infrastructure in Africa

Energy supply

“We need  finance options”

Aware of climate change, African governments must still improve their country’s energy supply

Sexual minorities

Look through “LGBT glasses”

German development agencies could do more in support of sexual minorities

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Achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals will require good governance – from the local to the global level.


The UN Sustainable Development Goals aim to transform economies in an environmentally sound manner, leaving no one behind.