International climate protection

“You cannot always wait for everyone”

According to climate expert Mojib Latif, the climate crisis is also pushing rich countries to the limit. He is calling for governments to be more open with citizens – and for more international cooperation.

The Hindu Kush Himalaya region

Nature is changing rapidly in the Hindu Kush Himalaya

Glaciers, snow and permafrost are undergoing rapid transformation in the Hindu Kush Himalaya region, with disastrous consequences for water and food security

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Climate crisis

Floods in the desert

Extreme weather events show the effects of global heating. The worst affected are those most in need – for example in Kakuma in northern Kenya, one of the world’s largest refugee camps.


Funding a just coal phase-out

Indonesia wants to reform its energy sector. We explain how this can be done in a fair manner with JETP and PBL – and what the letters stand for

Readers’ opinion

Letters to the editor

Two letters from readers deal with rural development in Nepal, agriculture in China and the variety of natural ecosystems


Green energy corridors deliver electricity

In India, KfW Development Bank is financing the construction of transmission lines and substations to bring green energy from remote regions to consumers


Solar modules gleam in the bright African sun

The first solar power station in Côte d’Ivoire delivers electricity to 35,000 households


Reach climate goals with Power-to-X

Morocco is focusing on renewable energies. Germany has been its partner from the outset. Construction of a reference facility for green hydrogen (Power-to-X) is the first project resulting from the hydrogen alliance between the two countries


“Expansion of renewables offers enormous employment potential”

Development Minister Svenja Schulze on the need to ensure a socially just transition for a sustainable energy transformation


Rapid further expansion of renewable energy

Good news from the International Energy Agency (IEA): renewable energy capacity will increase by a record amount in 2023. That involves a lot of work, in which KfW is playing its part

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