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is the Special Projects Coordinator at Comunalia, a network of community foundations in Mexico and Strategic Advisor at MY World Mexico.

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Latin American migration

Seeking greener pastures

The Mexican diaspora is the second largest in the world. Few opportunities, poverty and increasing crime are prompting Mexicans to leave

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Cooking without harming health and the environment

A Mexican civil-society organisation provides households and schools with smoke-free and wood-saving stoves, protecting the health of users and the woods


How Mexican landfills become ganglands

Organised crime controls informal waste management in Mexico

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Mexico wants to prevent teenage pregnancies

What young Latin Americans must learn about sex and reproductive health

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Empowerment of female smallholders

An agroecological community project in Mexico has empowered women and achieved a major mindset change of the residents towards them


New strategies for female entrepreneurs

In Mexico, online business trainings help female entrepreneurs to expand their businesses


Thousands of people missing in Mexico

Gang violence and the war on drugs costs many lives every day in Mexico and causes a lot of suffering

Environmental protection

Cleaning up Mexico’s water bodies

A NGO hopes to raise awareness for pollution with clean-ups of plastic waste from coastal areas and water bodies across Mexico

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