Climate diplomacy

More must happen

While governments agreed on important issues at the Africa Climate Summit in Nairobi, civil-society organisations did not get enough attention

Brain drain

Underpaid and overworked health workers in Nigeria

Due to underpayment and overload, thousands of trained health workers are leaving Nigeria to find employment abroad

Gender equality

In Malawi, women are still not allowed to fish

Project on sustainable fishery deliberately targets women to “bridge the gender gap”


Exposition showcases the potential of poultry farming in Zambia

Zambia’s first international poultry exposition provided a platform for all stakeholders to connect and learn about new technologies

Development studies

Why development depends on a national elite’s shared vision

Oxford scholar rehabilitates the much-maligned term “aid”

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Kenyans have taken to the streets

In recent months, demonstrators have protested against the sharp rise in the cost of living and tax increases. Thirty people have already died

Brain drain in Africa

Brain drain in Africa’s health-care sector

Medical professionals are emigrating from Africa because of catastrophic conditions in the health-care sector. Yet the trend also has advantages

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Our view

Appreciating the value of waste

We must transition fast to fair circular economies, either recycling or avoiding waste

Our view

The right to belong somewhere

People have always moved to far-away places to find livelihoods or to flee from war and disaster. The international community would benefit from more coherent and pragmatic regulation of migration and flight.


Abandoned towns, abandoned people

In the north of Zimbabwe, former miner and their families stay in abandoned towns living in poverty and hoping that mining will resume some day

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