Good education for everyone

Though poor education affects society as a whole, many governments do not prioritise the sector appropriately


Libya lapses into Gaddafi nostalgia

More than ten years after the collapse of the Gaddafi regime, the situation in Libya is so devastating that some long for pre-revolutionary times

Covid-19 impacts
Demographic dividend

Benefiting from falling numbers of children

Under certain conditions, falling birth rates can produce a “demographic dividend”, for example in sub-Saharan Africa

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Promoting employment in Ghana

Germany’s BMZ is supporting Ghana in the fight against high youth unemployment with an initiative called “Invest for Jobs”

Labour market

Brain drain in Ghana's tech industry

Ghana's IT companies are competing for the best minds both on the local and on the global labour market

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Our view

More fiscal space is needed when states prove too “small”

In response to multiple crises, governments must be able to invest assertively


Small loans for rural women

Micro loans help rural women to start small businesses and to get more financially independent

Illegal commuter taxis

Taking the risk

Cheap and fast illegal commuter taxis are a popular alternative to public buses in Zimbabwe


Expensive input

Ghanaian farmers can’t afford fertiliser anymore

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Achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals will require good governance – from the local to the global level.


The UN Sustainable Development Goals aim to transform economies in an environmentally sound manner, leaving no one behind.