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Dasmani Laary

is a journalist in Ghana.  

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Law reform

Decongesting prisons in Ghana

Ghana’s prisons are extremely overcrowded. To tackle that problem, human-rights activists call for more non-custodial sentences such as parole or community services

Public debt

Ghana is seeking financial bailout

Ghana needs financial help for its overwhelming debt burden, but the government’s plan to seek a new IMF loan is harshly criticised


Expensive input

Ghanaian farmers can’t afford fertiliser anymore


Economic recovery in Ghana

Businesses in Ghana slowly recover from Corona slump, but rising inflation creates new problems


Teachers urgently wanted

In Ghana, efforts to find a solution to teacher shortages are still ongoing

Press freedom

Ghanaian journalists face a crackdown on free speech

Press freedom in Ghana is taking a step backwards, as journalists are being prosecuted under the criminal code


Tracks towards the future

Major new rail line aims to boost trade links between Ghana and Burkina Faso


Preventing teenage pregnancies

A high rate of pregnancies involving teenaged girls is causing alarm in Ghana

Palm oil production

Poor working conditions

Palm kernel production workers, mainly women, toil under harsh conditions

Social services

Vulnerable and voiceless

Ghana’s deaf people face systematic discrimination from school age onwards

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