Naturschutz, Ökosysteme, Biodiversität
Ecological transition

Energy partnerships for the ecological transition

The so-called just transition is expensive. Rich countries need to support poorer ones.

International cooperation

Bringing the slogan “just transition” to life

The transition to a CO2-neutral economy can only succeed if it is done in a socially just way. Alternative jobs, social security and regional structural policies are essential.

Coastal communities

Sustainable sponges

In Zanzibar, women have taken up the cultivation of climate-resilient sponges in the Indian Ocean

The Hindu Kush Himalaya region

Nature is changing rapidly in the Hindu Kush Himalaya

Glaciers, snow and permafrost are undergoing rapid transformation in the Hindu Kush Himalaya region, with disastrous consequences for water and food security

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Climate crisis

Floods in the desert

Extreme weather events show the effects of global heating. The worst affected are those most in need – for example in Kakuma in northern Kenya, one of the world’s largest refugee camps.

Indigenous identity

Indigenous people make themselves heard through art

In an exhibition at the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum in Cologne, Indigenous Australians show their cultural diversity, history and identity

Food security

Edible-insect traders decry low harvests

Grasshoppers are a protein-rich popular food in Uganda, but their numbers are dwindling


Funding a just coal phase-out

Indonesia wants to reform its energy sector. We explain how this can be done in a fair manner with JETP and PBL – and what the letters stand for

Environmental destruction

Tackling illegal mining in Ghana

Destructive mining practice led to extensive deforestation, water pollution and land degradation, causing substantial irreversible damage to Ghana’s natural resources and threatening the livelihoods of rural dwellers.


Cooking without harming health and the environment

A Mexican civil-society organisation provides households and schools with smoke-free and wood-saving stoves, protecting the health of users and the woods

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