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Global governance

Cooperation that benefits developing countries

A recent conference examined how China and the West cooperate with partner countries and the impact this can have on democracy promotion

Global governance

How to safeguard food security in climate crisis

The global food system both contributes to climate change and is threatened by it

Medical anthropology

Medical anthropology: Global health and social inequalities

The COVID-19 pandemic was not the first incident to show how closely connected health issues are to global contexts and social inequalities. Medical anthropologists examine these connections in an increasingly interconnected world


Exposition showcases the potential of poultry farming in Zambia

Zambia’s first international poultry exposition provided a platform for all stakeholders to connect and learn about new technologies

Sub-Saharan Africa

“Building knowledge at the local level is essential”

Sub-Saharan Africa has numerous biodiversity hotspots, but they are at risk. In this D+C interview, Beth Kaplin, a biodiversity expert, discusses what threatens biodiversity


Malawi is encouraging women to screen for cervical cancer

Due to religious belief and culture, many women in Malawi do not want to go to hospital and be screened for cervical cancer

Traditional agriculture

Traditional agricultural ecosystems harbour remarkable biodiversity

Examples from China illustrate the exceptional value of Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS)

Food security

Genetically modified plants are allowed in Kenya

To face ongoing crop failure due to drought, Kenya is breaking new ground in agriculture

World information order

Hold those who lie online responsible

In view of dangerous propaganda on social media, a human right to trustworthy information would make sense

Corporate power

AI sector worries about what it is doing

A growing number of experts warn that artificial intelligence may be very dangerous

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