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Ronald Ssegujja Ssekandi

Ronald Ssegujja Ssekandi

is a Ugandan author and edits D+C/E+Z’s Nowadays column.    

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Water in urban areas

Kampala’s water problems

In Kampala, Uganda’s capital, residents lack access to clean water. The dilapidated sewer system and flooding also pose hazards. Previous efforts to improve the situation have been inadequate

Working life

Vocational education for girls in Uganda

Smart Girls Foundation, a social enterprise, trains girls in areas like machinery welding, automotive mechanics and electric installation

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German policy

BMZ makes bold statement of intent

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Climate crisis

International media have largely neglected Uganda’s flooding

The realities of the climate crisis are becoming increasingly obvious – for example in Uganda


Why Uganda does not have a GMO law

In the fight against hunger, genetically modified organisms look promising, but there are serious worries too

Development project

Project develops rural community with shea butter

A sustainable rural city creates employment opportunities for rural dwellers in Uganda


Ugandan government sees inflation as external shock

Rising commodity prices are making daily life harder in Uganda


Uganda’s poverty rate has risen 10 percentage points

As in many African countries, Covid-19 has exacerbated inequality in Uganda


Balancing profits and staff welfare in Ivory Coast

Coliba is a young formal-sector company that specialises in the recycling of plastic waste in Abidjan


International NGO assesses pandemic impacts on human right

Human Rights Watch takes stock of Covid-19 pandemic

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