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Hildegard Lingnau

Hildegard Lingnau

is the executive secretary of the Global Forum on Agricultural Research and Innovation (GFAR), which is hosted by the Rome-based FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN) and funded by the EU.

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Multistakeholder cooperation

From GFAR to GFAiR

The Global Forum on Agricultural Research and Innovation changes its acronym to underline inclusion and fairness

Food security

“Smallholder farms must benefit from innovations”

Research must pay more attention to family farms, says Hildegard Lingnau of the Global Forum on Agricultural Research and Innovation

Dysfunctional policy

Under-performing ODA darling

Despite under-performing governance, Kenya is still a donor darling

Official development assistance

Why taxation matters

Conventional ODA has often proved counterproductive, but there are alternative approaches

Paris Declaration

Keeping up the momentum

Revisiting the principles of aid effectiveness


More effective partnerships

The OECD offers advice on how to improve international cooperation


Major breakthrough

What last year’s update of the World Bank’s poverty line means


New poverty line better reflects reality

World Bank updated key indicator for measuring poverty


Redefining poverty

Valentin Lang and Hildegard Lingnau: The post-2015 agenda needs to redefine poverty and measure it in new ways

Misbehaving donor agencies

Dinosaurs at work

Donor agencies do not adhere to aid-effectiveness principles in Cambodia

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