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Social protection

Togo’s temporary basic income by text message

Innovative social-protection scheme in small west African country during Covid-19-Pandemic

Female mechanics

Breaking the gender-role system in the workplace

In Kenya, a new trend of female mechanics is challenging traditional beliefs

Government revenues

Kenya’s new president wants to collect more tax money

Kenya’s huge public debt is choking public spending and undermining the economy

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Small loans for rural women

Micro loans help rural women to start small businesses and to get more financially independent

Fighting poverty

Social protection improves food security

Why social safety nets are key to fighting hunger and poverty in the global south

Illegal commuter taxis

Taking the risk

Cheap and fast illegal commuter taxis are a popular alternative to public buses in Zimbabwe

Gender disparities

South Asian gender disparities get worse in economic crises

Economic downturns hit women and girls harder – for example in Pakistan

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Child labour

No more children in the tea estates

In Malawi child labour is very common, but there are initiatives to change matters


Forests are the world’s green lungs

KfW supports jungle areas in Laos and Vietnam, as these are carbon reservoirs and habitats for many endangered species


Solidarity helps to escape pandemic

How the Covid-19 pandemic contributed to more social protection in Togo

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