Rule of law

Mexico needs opportunities, not violence

Mexico had high expectations of the present government’s promise to curb crime and improve security. With crime rates high and prosecution rates low, confidence in the state and its institutions is now waning further


Land-use conflicts undermine food security in Nigeria

Climate crisis and population growth increase pressure on arable land in West Africa

Sovereign-debt crisis

“Without debt relief, Sri Lanka’s economy will keep deteriorating”

IMF policies did not solve Sri Lanka’s problems but made them worse, claims a sociologist who assesses the country’s ongoing debt crisis

Abuse of power

Fighting corruption on an international level

Corruption undermines democracies and supports autocracies. Although progress has been made in the fight against corruption, much more needs to be done


Peru’s crisis of democracy continues

Ever since Dina Boluarte took over from Pedro Castillo, the country’s divide has deepened. Political and corruption scandals abound


Drug shortages in public hospitals in Zambia

Critics blame corruption and embezzlement for the current drug shortage in Zambia

West Africa

Benin’s President Talon tightens his grip on power

ECOWAS and western diplomats pay more attention to democratic appearances than substance in Benin


Eerie sense of post-election calm in Nigeria

Why President-elect Tinubu, who expects to take office in May, only has a weak mandate at best


Disillusionment after elections in Malawi

Disappointment grows across the country as the economy flounders, and corruption weakens trust in politicians


Libya lapses into Gaddafi nostalgia

More than ten years after the collapse of the Gaddafi regime, the situation in Libya is so devastating that some long for pre-revolutionary times

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