Jewish voices

Israel deserves solidarity, Netanyahu not so much

After the cruel Hamas terrorism, prominent Jewish voices express criticism of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Childhood anthropology

How culture shapes early childhood

Cultural variations in learning and parenting persist across the globe. However, globalisation and the market economy are changing parenting patterns in all cultures


Disabled people allowed to drive in Ghana

In Ghana, persons with disability such as the deaf will be issued with a driver’s licence upon passing training and testing prescribed by the authorities

Rule of law

Mexico needs opportunities, not violence

Mexico had high expectations of the present government’s promise to curb crime and improve security. With crime rates high and prosecution rates low, confidence in the state and its institutions is now waning further


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Social media

Stop online hate

Social-media companies are failing to moderate their platforms, so online hate speech leads to analogue violence, for example in Ethiopia and Myanmar

Our View

Democracy needs separate branches of government

Elections are important, but unless there are independent institutions, liberty will be eroded fast

Gaza war

Israel/Palestine: “Focus on what is happening in the present”

Jewish philosopher Susan Neiman on the context of the Hamas pogrom of 7 October, Netanyahu’s government and criticising Israel

Music festival

Ugandan government prefers money over morality

Although many consider the Nyege Nyege festival in Uganda immoral, the government supports the profitable event

Our View

Close funding gaps

The World Bank’s reform agenda is an urgent matter. To rise to global challenges, however, more money is needed too

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The UN Sustainable Development Goals aim to transform economies in an environmentally sound manner, leaving no one behind.