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Russian sanctions

Turning point in sanctions policy

Never before has a major power like Russia been subjected to such massive and unprecedented sanctions.


Advantages and pitfalls of sanctions

A political scientist provides insights into the impacts of sanctions as a primary tool for leverage in international politics.

Sri Lanka

Rebounding tourism set to support Sri Lanka’s economic recovery

More tourist arrivals in Sri Lanka after multi-pronged crisis


Why tourist arrivals in Sri Lanka peaked in 2018

Terrorism, coronavirus, sovereign default and political meltdown have rocked the Indian Ocean island in recent years


Mexico’s first female president

The result of Mexico’s recent election was historical for several reasons

Global tourism industry

A not very sustainable recovery of global tourism

The global tourism industry is recuperating from the coronavirus pandemic but least developed countries in particular lag behind. Among the biggest challenges are lack of investment and the climate crisis.

Local businesses

“Brutal enforcement and high penalties”

Local traders and businesspeople in Uganda decry strict tax collection amidst worsening economic conditions.


China is the most important player of all

In a recently published paper, the Federation of German Industries argues that Germany needs a more strategic international-development policy which must take more account of China’s growing global influence.


How South Africa negotiated its new government

South Africa’s elections on 29 May took the country into new political terrain. The African National Congress (ANC) lost its absolute majority. However, thanks to democratic forces’ willingness to cooperate, the damage was limited.

Diaspora tourism

Travelling to understand your own history

Ghana’s homecoming tourism industry offers diasporans to travel to their ancestors’ country to reconnect to their roots.

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