Impact investing

SDG financing: how billions become trillions

To mobilise private funds, the business environment must be appropriate

World Bank

Biden’s interesting choice for the World Bank’s top job

Ajay Banda, who thrived on Wall Street, will most likely be appointed World Bank president

Ground-breaking lawsuit

Andes farmer takes on conglomerate

In Peru, a farmer is calling on a German company to take responsibility for glacier melt in a ground-breaking lawsuit

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Labour market

Brain drain in Ghana's tech industry

Ghana's IT companies are competing for the best minds both on the local and on the global labour market

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Technological development

Affordable internet access for all

In Zambia, internet access is still limited, but the Starlink company of US billionaire Elon Musk aims to improve the situation

Global governance

How to improve the G20 Common Framework for Debt Treatment

For all countries to become able to rise to the challenges of the current polycrisis, debt-restructuring is needed

Government revenues

Kenya’s new president wants to collect more tax money

Kenya’s huge public debt is choking public spending and undermining the economy

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Social media

The billionaire’s blue bird is in trouble

Lessons to be learned from Twitter’s current crisis

Financial sector

Experts debate on how to achieve green economy

Johan Rockström, the eminent environment expert, considers biodiversity crisis more dangerous than climate crisis

Economic meltdown

Enable Afghans to rebuild rudimentary economy

The USA and its allies still bear some responsibility for the fate of Afghanistan

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