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Macky Sall wins Senegal‘s election

by D+C | E+Z

In brief

Senegal’s new head of state casting his vote

Senegal’s new head of state casting his vote

Senegal‘s new president is Macky Sall. He triumphed in the run-off elections at the end of March. Incumbent President Abudlaye Wade conceded defeat in the election night. Sall is a former prime minister. He served under Wade, but fell out with president on issues relating to corruption.

For the second round of voting, all other opposition candidates endorsed Sall. It was politically and legally controversial that Wade tried to win a third term of office, since the country‘s constition limits presidential terms to two (see comment in D+C/E+Z 2012/03, p. 131). Sall prepared his election campaign long term and did not limit it to the capital city of Dakar. (dem)