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At D+C/E+Z, we are proud of our international network of authors. It is particularly important to us to be a platform for voices from the global south. Some authors contribute on a regular basis, others don't. Here you can find information about the people behind the contributions.

Grace Atuhaire


last contributed to D+C/E+Z in autumn 2017 as a freelance journalistis who covers several east African countries.      

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Confusing scenario

Kenyans’ long-term trust in democracy depends on the rerun election being clean and fair

Rule of law

Kenya is heading for rerun elections

Kenyan voters face a confusing scenario after Supreme Court decision


Non-communicable diseases on the rise

Non-communicable diseases are on the rise in newly industrialised countries

Human rights

Threats to Ugandan activists

Human-rights groups in Uganda are threatened, and so are journalists who write about human-rights violations

Economic development

Revival strategy

Kenya’s government wants to kick-start growth in tourism

Sexual abuse

Depressing aspects of tourism

Even though prostitution is illegal, sex tourists leave a mark on Kenya’s coastal communities

Press freedom

Jailing journalists

Press freedom in Ethiopia is threatened, with women journalists especially marginalised


The Tanzanian Maasai entering industrial age

Maasai pastoralists in Tanzania are opting for milk processing as a way to generate income

Gender violence

Activism days are not enough

Kenyan society is waking up to the issue of gender-based violence

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