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In brief

Planned parenthood

Planned parenthood

Contents page of April's D+C print edition with links to all contributions:


Hans Dembowski:
Individual choices and the common good: challenges of family planning



How to reconcile development and climate protection | German plans for development cooperation with Afghanistan beyond the with­drawal of ISAF troops | Civil-society organisations campaign for environmentally and socially responsible procurement of IT hardware | Reconsidering policies on international migration | Nowadays: Escaping from South Sudan’s turmoil In brief | Scholars interview migrant workers in China | Global challenges of urbanisation


Focus: Planned parenthood

Interview with Najma Rizvi:
How Bangladesh became a model for reducing birth rates and improving maternal health

Renate Bähr:
Families must be empowered to plan their own size

Patricia Galicia:
Guatemalan girls deserve better sex education

Helena-Ulrike Marambio:
In Peru, masses of women were forcibly sterilised, and most victims belonged to indigenous communities

Nilanjana Ray:
Aborted girls and trafficked brides: an Asian tragedy

Astrid Lipinsky:
The true costs of China’s one-child policy

Interview with Dean Peacock:
For women’s lot to improve, men’s attitudes must change in South Africa

Rita Schäfer:
South African views on male circumcision diverge - tradition and health matter



Jürgen Wiemann:
Why climate-friendly development depends on´how middle classes behave

Caroline Sölle de Hilari:
Promoting health in primary schools in Haiti

Interview with Father Savio Silveira:
German managers become familiar with informal vocational training and slum life in Mumbai

Mona Naggar:
There are too few schools for Syrian refugee children in Lebanon



The Reverend Michael N. Kimindu challenges Ugandan and Kenyan homophobia in an interview | Letters | Comment on Nepal’s development outlook