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Print edition

Contents December issue

by Wolf Dagmar

In brief

Managing migration

Managing migration

Contents page of December's D+C: print edition with links to all contributions


Hans Dembowski:
Re-start opportunities


World Bank argues more regional trade in Africa would boost food security | Justitia et Pax wants coherent rules for tropical fruit imports | DIE-GDI assesses private foundations’ efforts in Tanzania | Nowadays: micro insurance supports healthcare in Cameroon | Germany’s armed forces consider risks induced by climate change in the MENA region | Standardised baselines would make Clean Development Mechanism more attractive in least developed countries

Focus: Migration

Interview with Menderes Candan:
Iraq’s reconstruction is supported by diaspora in Germany

Dirk Niebel:
Triple win: Germany’s development minister on the opportunities of migration

Interview with Stefan Wilhelmy:
German municipalities should reach out to migrant communities

Steffen Angenendt:
How the EU plans to reconcile policies on migration and development

Karl Kopp:
The human rights problems with EU border agency Frontex

Yahouza Sadissou:
Niger can hardly cope with masses of refugees from Mali

Gloria Ortega Pérez:
Internal displacement is the cause of Colombia’s humanitarian disaster

Marcus Böhme:
Review essay: relevant reading on migration and development


Marianne Scholte:
German media’s distorted idea of garment production in Bangladesh

Ulrike Wahl:
Siemens Stiftung promotes technology for sustainable development

Liane Schalatek and Smita Nakhooda:
Green Climate Fund is making slow, but steady progress


Interview with Gabriel Quijandría Acosta: Peru faces the consequences of global warming | Comments on the dispute over contraception in the Philippines and on the global relevance of Obama’s re-election | Letters