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Contents December issue

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In brief

Successful countries

Successful countries

Contents page of December's D+C print edition with links to all contributions:


Hans Dembowski:
Development success depends on national ownership



Germany’s Federal Development Minister Gerd Müller launches Charter for the Future | EU needs comprehensive approach in security and development affairs | Peace researchers must adapt to changing conflict scenarios | Nowadays: more toilets in Malawi | In brief | World Bank needs better statistics to assess progress | Obstacles to investing in renewable energy in Pakistan

Focus: Successful countries

John Wesley Kabango:
Rwanda has prospered under the determined leadership of President Kagame
Donor agencies appreciate community involvement in Rwandan model of village development

Abdou Khadre Lo:
Senegal’s people are proud of their democracy

Interview with Ayumi Konishi:
China has been phenomenally successful, but still faces huge challenges

Marianne Scholte:
Bangladesh’s track record is much better than its reputation

Fernando J. Cardim de Carvalho:
What Brazil needs to keep on promoting social inclusion

Linda Vierecke and Christoph Peters:
Evo Morales has helped many Bolivians escape poverty

Rainer Thiele:
Relevant reading on Latin America’s reduced income disparities


Jens Martens:
The debate on the UN principle of common, but differentiated responsibility

Stephan Opitz:
Energy efficiency deserves more attention

Patricia Galicia:
Indigenous women who suffered war crimes in Guatemala demand justice


Comments on Sierra Leone’s health-care system and Tunisia’s elections