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Print edition

Contents March issue

by Wolf Dagmar

In brief

Climate finance and development

Climate finance and development

Contents page of March's D+C print edition with links to all contributions:


Hans Dembowski:
Mutual distrust in climate and development matters



Beyond aid: need for new approaches discussed at conference in Frankfurt | Distorted media coverage of war violence | Procuring IT hardware in a socially and environmentally correct manner | Nowadays: Guatemalan village benefits from eco-tourism | In brief | OECD wants fragile states to generate more tax revenue | Mixed picture: governance in Africa


Focus: Climate finance and development cooperation

Ronald Mangani:
Developing countries deserve unconditional climate support

Gerd Müller:
Action on climate and international development must be coordinated for sake of humanity’s future

Interview with Birgit Reher and Stefan Jankowiak:
The municipal partnership of Bielefeld in Germany and Estelí in Nicaragua is marked by environmental concerns

Morten Elkjær and Niels Egerup:
Denmark is mobilising private sector-capital for climate-related projects in developing countries

Annette von Lossau and Mansour Dahouenon:
Senegal should do more to tap its renewable-energy potential

Interview with Kumar Sundaram:
Indian government’s interest in nuclear power is not driven by ecological concerns

Anita Mehnert:
How climate finance and development cooperation should be managed in 2020

Ian Christoplos:
Downsides of green growth



Ingrid-Gabriela Hoven and Martin Kipping:
Reasons for re-designing the World Bank

Interview with Tayo Akinyemi:
Tech start-ups contribute to growth in Africa

Charlotte Schmitz and Guido Zebisch:
Thanks to the Internet, Arabic is becoming a more homogenous language



Comments on violence in the Central African Republic and the political crisis in Thailand | Letter