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The InfoBridge Foundation (InfoBridge) is a non-profit organisation, established in the Netherlands in 2002. Experts with long-time experience in development cooperation decided to use their knowledge to further support partners.
Preparing a shipment of fair-trade cocoa from São Tomé and Principe to France. Antoine Boureau / Biosphoto / Lineair Preparing a shipment of fair-trade cocoa from São Tomé and Principe to France.

InfoBridge has local partners in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean and the Pacific. There are three main categories of InfoBridge programmes:

  • applied research for development,
  • capacity development and learning,
  • knowledge sharing and innovation.

Fair-price research is an important area of activity for InfoBridge. The coordinator is Ruud Bronkhorst (see main story). The focus is on the methodology for calculating fair prices for smallholder farms. InfoBridge is cooperating with experts from the Living Income Community of Practice, Living Wage Lab, GIZ and other institutions.

To better support partners overseas, InfoBridge is currently preparing an online course on fair pricing approaches. It will tackle the following issues:

  • why Fair Prices are important,
  • how to calculate Fair Prices for different products,
  • how to analyse – and close – gaps between fair prices and market prices, 
  • what impacts fair pricing will have on workers, producers, the local economy and the environment and
  • how to assess value chains.

The course will be free of charge. Donations to make continuation of the course possible, are welcome however: support@infobridge.org. RB

Infobridge Foundation:

Ruud Bronkhorst is a rural development economist and author of the recently published book “Economics of human rights: Using the living income/fair price approach to combat poverty” (Cham, Switzerland, 2020: Springer Nature). He is based in the Netherlands.

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