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Our spring edition

Our April focus section will tackle “digital development”

by D+C/E+Z

In brief

The decision is clear. For five weeks, our users were invited to choose between two topics, and the majority opted for digital development. We find the topic exciting and would like to thank all participants for casting their votes.

The vote was not close, as 69 % of our readers opted for digital development. Only 31 % expressed themselves in favour of a focus section on military matters.

We will now begin to work on the focus section. It will deal with a fast changing world. The internet and other digital developments have already had a huge impact on how we live. Information and communication technology is changing everything from schools to farming and, yes, military matters too.

Whether people have access to digital technology is a crucial issue. Opportunities tend to be fewer the poorer a region is. On the other hand, experts now expect poorer regions to leapfrog some steps in digital development – especially the dependence on fixed-line networks – so they can catch up faster and sometimes even overtake advanced nations.

We are looking forward to producing this focus section and hope we will be able to fulfil your expectations. Should you have proposals concerning the topic or even want to contribute an essay yourself, please get in touch: [email protected]


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