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last expressed his views in D+C/E+Z in the spring of 2022 as a Manila-based journalist.

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Post-truth politics

Depression and anxiety in the Philippines

In a personal piece, a journalist describes how the current political situation in the Philippines makes life a nightmare


In May, Filipino democracy may heal – or die

Why Marcos Jr. is amazingly unqualified to serve as president of the Philippines

Social media

Hundreds of thousands of online trolls support Duterte

In the Philippines, we see how social media undermine democracy

Social media

Increasingly manipulated forum

Online trolls’ disinformation is undermining Philippine democracy

Authoritarian rule

Fact and fiction

In the Philippines, pro-Duterte activism on social media keeps people agitated and misinformed

Fake news

No lie is too blatant

Fake reports on Filipino Facebook pages

Right-wing authoritarianism

Powerful falsehoods

How Rodrigo Duterte, the president of the Philippines, depends on online trolls


No trust in institutions

The anti-democratic legacy of Spanish and US colonialism in the Philippines

Extrajudicial killings

The deadly impact of lawless “security” forces

Manila correspondent expresses his anger at lawless police action

Law of the sea

Pivoting Philippines

ASEAN leaders have long resisted China’s claims to the South China Sea, but the Philippines’ new president is strangely ambivalent

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