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last contributed to D+C/E+Z in summer of 2022 as a Kenyan journalist, editor and fact-checker.  

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Shared spaces

Students live in some of Nairobi’s worst housing

Sanitation, security and safety are secondary considerations for young Kenyans who need a roof over their heads

Affordable housing

Why the government’s housing policy is failing in Nairobi

Kenya is taking the wrong track by building houses for sale to the urban poor


Railway to nowhere

Why Kenya’s ambitious cross-country railway is controversial

Development finance

Massive Chinese lending

Kenyans worry about Chinese loans needed for prestigious railway project

Information technology

Considerable damage

Examples of the harm online misinformation is doing in sub-Saharan countries


“A multi-tentacular problem”

To stem the tide of fake news in Africa, internet giants must do more than cooperate with professional fact-checkers

Disadvantaged communities

Low-cost private schools

Taking advantage of unemployed educators and university graduates


Dissatisfaction with “free” public education

In Kenya, even poor parents send their kids to private schools


Election drama

In Kenya, the fight for a clean and transparent election system continues

Assertive judges

Long road to independence

Kenya has made progress towards the judicial independence the new constitution promises

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