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Farai Shawn Matiashe


last contributed to D+C/E+Z in 2023 as a journalist based in Mutare, Zimbabwe.  

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Telemedicine centres bring health care closer to excluded communities

Thanks to telemedicine, remote communities in the Amazon get medical advice in their region


What statelessness means for people

In Zimbabwe an estimated 300,000 people do not have identity documents and are excluded from many parts of life


Innovative farming in a refugee camp

A soilless cultivation technique allows refugees in a camp to grow fruit and vegetables on a small space


Goats farming reduces poaching

Farmers are encouraged to breed goats so they do not have to destroy wildlife to survive

Livestock farming

Fodder for the dry season

Planting cattle-feed crops saves many heads of cattle from death due to drought

Crop diversity

Seeds of prosperity

A seed bank in eastern Zimbabwe ensures a recovery after natural disaster

Chilli farming

A hot spice for a hot market

Zimbabwean farmers take aim at profitable global markets for hot chillies

Solar power

Water for a parched land

Solar powered irrigation systems boost agriculture in arid parts of Zimbabwe


Finding new purposes for used drums

How a low-cost digester produces biogas


Why biogas is good for the environment

Zimbabwe is jump-starting rural biogas production with a new low-cost technology

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