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Gesine Ames

last contributed to D+C/E+Z in winter of 2020/2021 as coordinator of Ökumenisches Netz Zentralafrika (Ecumenical Network Central Africa) based in Berlin.

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DR Congo

In run-up to elections, chaos looms once again in DR Congo

Credible and fair elections are needed, but look unlikely in view of political tensions in the DR Congo


Confront the past or lose the future

An inadequate reckoning with the past is standing in the way of lasting peace in the DR Congo, Rwanda and Burundi

DR Congo

Dangerous power play

Churches join forces to demand fair elections in the Congo


Close to blowing up

In view of growing tensions in the DR Congo, European and African leaders must act fast to prevent turmoil


A pan-regional crisis

Regional and international governments must put pressure on President Nkurunziza to solve Burundi’s troubles


Warnings unheard

Burundi’s crisis was to be expected and the international community has failed the country


The acid test

Burundi’s fragile peace in the balance ahead of the 2015 elections

Central Africa

Tropical forest in peril

Ephrem Balole et al: The government of the DRC is not doing nearly enough to protect the rainforest

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