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Vera Dicke

last contributed to D+C/E+Z in winter 2014/2015 as a student of peace and conflict.

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Saving lives through discipline

Tuberculosis remains a huge challenge in Central Asia


Creating prospects

Activate! raises awareness for HIV/AIDS with KfW support in South Africa

Conflict regions

Women for peace

According to the OECD, gender relations must be addressed in fragile states because statebuilding and equal rights go hand-in-hand

OECD guidelines

Forgotten principles

The OECD’s Fragile State Principles are hardly being implemented


Reconstruction in slow motion

Two years later, Haiti continues to suffer from the effects of the earthquake in January 2010

Brief History

New paradigms in a new millennium

From Rome to Busan: a brief history of the High Level Forums on Aid Effectiveness


Powerless foreign policy

Europe’s foreign ministers cannot do much about violence in Syria

Sub-Saharan Africa

Change people’s minds

Paradigm change needed in view of population growth

Safety nets

Beyond charity

Social security must not stay a luxury item

Food security

Dangerous volatility

Mixed messages from Global Hunger Index 2011

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