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Two peoples’ experience of displacement

The greatest problem in the Israel-Palestine conflict is that both sides have reason to believe the other one wants to destroy them.


Women in Cameroon fight for participation in the peace process

While women pay a disproportionately heavy price in armed conflicts every day, they are still largely excluded from official peacebuilding processes

Sexualised violence

In war as in peace

Awareness of sexualised violence in conflicts is mostly focused on its strategic aspects. However, it is also vital to address systemic discrimination and violence against women in peacetime


How Israel and Palestine could find peace

A six-point road map for reconciliation in the Middle East


Barriers on the road to peace in Israel/Palestine

In recent decades, religious fundamentalism on both sides has contributed to violent clashes

Our View

Abandoning our own values

Driven by right-wing populist forces, the EU is tightening its asylum rules. Doing so is wrong for political, moral and economic reasons

Refugee-camp life

Refugee girls need school opportunities

In Kakuma, Kenya, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) is promoting education for South-Sudanese girls, breaking traditional barriers. Efforts have increased school attendance.

Women’s rights in Algeria

Women stand up against femicide

After several brutal cases of femicide, many women in Algeria no longer want to put up with discrimination and violence

Gaza war

One percent of Gaza’s population has died in the current war

The more collective trauma grows, the harder it will be to achieve reconciliation between Israel and Palestine


Hating Jews, but supporting Israel

Elon Musk’s barely concealed antisemitism hurts his advertising revenues, but does not seem to affect his relationship to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

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The UN Sustainable Development Goals aim to transform economies in an environmentally sound manner, leaving no one behind.