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Parach Mach

last contributed to D+C/E+Z in winter 2019/2020 as a South Sudanese journalist.  

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Rural regions

No alternative

Air travel is expensive and environmentally harmful, but it is a necessity in South Sudan

Land rights

Taking possession

A spate of land-grabbing and lack of clarity on land tenure rules are exacerbating conflict in South Sudan

Civil war

Children of war as breadwinners

In South Sudan, many orphaned children have to care for their younger siblings

Press freedom

Worsening censorship

In South Sudan, media houses are under great pressure


Football for peace

In war-ravaged South Sudan, football helps to promote peace


No access to clean water

Clean drinking water is hard to get in South Sudan


Women crushing stones

In order to survive, some women in South Sudan take to cracking stones


“The worst is yet to come”

In the wake of the economic collapse, prostitution is surging in South Sudan

Gender relations

Risking one’s life to be able to marry

Bride-price tradition is destructive, but strong, in strife-torn South Sudan

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