International affairs

Why BRICS+ may prove weaker than expected

By admitting six new members to their informal group, the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) may be thwarting its capacity for collective action.

Southern Africa

Why Africa is caught between two stools with BRICS

With the presence of China and South Africa on the continent, African countries have little choice but to get involved with BRICS. At the same time, countries like Malawi do not want to lose touch with the western industrialised nations.

Global governance

Phasing out fossil fuels with climate finance

Fossil-fuel subsidies undermine climate protection and burden tight national budgets. Climate finance, if applied well, helps to reform subsidy systems in a socially just way.

Language politics

From colonial division to bloody conflict

Up to now, life in Cameroon is determined by whether one is Francophone or Anglophone. The so-called “Anglophone crisis” surrounding the independence aspirations of the part of the country that was once a British colony is claiming more and more victims.

Russia and China

BRICS-members are not coordinating their West-Africa strategies

Ghanaian scholar assesses Russia’s role in ECOWAS and speaks of new scramble for Africa

Queer people

Defending the progress made

Much has been achieved for queer people in Germany in recent decades. At the same time, they are still a target for physical and psychological abuse.


To define Pakistan as a nation, Islam is insufficient

Pakistan is a fragmented nation with a shaky political system, and the focus on Sunni Islam did not forge the desired unity.


The Biafra legacy

Nigeria’s ethnic diversity has often been a bane rather than an opportunity to promote plural strength and development for the country. This was never more evident than during the devastating Biafra war.


Extremist temptation

Radical groups are instrumentalising the Gaza war for their own purposes and recruiting young people via social media.


Preparing for Ebola

In South Sudan, concerns about the Ebola virus are growing. Despite preventative measures there are still considerable deficits such as knowledge gaps among health personnel.

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