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Print edition

Contents August/September issue

by Wolf Dagmar

In brief

Disability and inclusion

Disability and inclusion

Contents page of August/September's D+C print edition with links to all contributions:


Sabine Balk:
Why poverty and disability are mutually reinforcing and what inclusion can do about the matter



Global Media Forum discusses ambivalent impact of information technology on democracy | How to provide more people with more micronutrients | Nowadays: Ebola is the new killer in west African post-conflict countries | In brief | So far, the global-governance system is not rising adequately to global challenges


Focus: Disability and inclusion

Interview with Joseph Kanyenje:
Impressive performances of the Pamoja Dance Group in Kenya

Isabella Bauer:
Nairobi’s Pamoja Dance Group stages an environmental and social drama to raise awareness of elephant poaching

Samir Abi:
Situation of people with disabilities is improving in Africa

Frank Odenthal:
Disabilities mark lives of many people in Sahrawi refugee camps

Martina Sabra:
The plight of injured and disabled Syrian refugees

Interview with Lydia de Leeuw:
Humanitarian organisations are not doing enough

Ipsita Sapra:
Indian corporations are beginning to appreciate the potential of people with disabilities
India's state-run system for providing educational opportunities to persons with disabilities is deeply flawed

Edith Koesoemawiria:
The Indonesian novelist Ratna Indraswari Ibrahim was tied to a wheelchair

Constanze Schmoger:
Review essay: Relevant reading on UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities



Niels Keijzer:
Donors discuss new definition for ODA

Marita Wiggerthale:
Public-private partnerships in agriculture are a dubious approach to fighting hunger

Katja Dombrowski:
In Thailand, too many people lack statehood and rights



Interview with Zara Alvarez, a human-rights activist and political prisoner, on legal issues in the Philippines | Comments on Indonesia’s elections and Argentina’s financial woes