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Print edition

Contents February issue

by D+C / E+Z

In brief

Digital revolution

Digital revolution

Contents page of February's D+C print edition with links to all contributions:


Hans Dembowski:
There still is a “digital divide”, but it is not as destructive as expected a decade ago



Aid agencies and the overwhelming challenges of complexity | Human Rights Watch criticises G8 nations | German think tank assesses role of Gülen movement in Turkey | Nowadays: Togo’s society marginalises people with disabilities | In brief| Global initiative assesses illicit financial flows


Focus: Digital revolution

Aya Chebbi:
Web activists did not find Tunisia’s revolution as soft as jasmine

Interview with Michel Silva:
The views of a favela reporter

Maja Bott and Bianca Clausen:
Great opportunities to improve governance

Hendrik Knoche, HS Jamadagni and PR Sheshagiri Rao:
Only peer pressure will motivate smallholder farmers to try new approaches

Kilasa Mtambalike:
Money flows with M-Pesa

Monika Hellstern:
Job hunting and prenatal classes in Ghana

Alan C. Robles:
Digitally driven change in the Philippines



Interview with Gerd Müller:
Germany’s new minister for economic cooperation and development spells out what drives his policymaking

Mathieu Régnier:
Why human health depends on biodiversity

Frank Kürschner-Pelkmann:
How not to manage major rivers

Sheila Mysorekar:
South Sudan’s start was promising, but it has led to violent disaster



Interview with Erik Solheim on OECD publication concerning illicit financial flows | Letters | Comment on Egypt’s constitutional referendum