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Contents March issue

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In brief

Developed powers

Developed powers

Contents page of March's D+C print edition with links to all contributions


Hans Dembowski:
Constant controversy


Ethical issues in the scramble for resources | German think tank HWWI ranks developing countries in regard to production and marketing ­opportunities for small and mid-sized enterprises | African Development Bank considers “Diaspora bonds” a promising public-finance instrument | International rules needed for climate refugees | Nowadays: successful street vendor in Zambia | Human Rights Watch concerns after the Arab spring

Focus: Devolved powers

Karim Okanla:
Benin’s municipal authorities have gained strength, but donors must not sleep

Hans-Jürgen Beerfeltz:
Means for fighting poverty

Ipsita Sapra:
India’s elected village councils could do much more

Christian Wuttke:
China allows the Pearl River Delta to test development strategies

Monika Huber and Wolfgang Kaiser:
Mixed feelings in Peru: non-governmental organisations are disappointed in decentralisation results

Kristin Hentschel and Ulrich Nitschke:
Foundations for a new Palestinian state

Interview with Giovanni Allegretti:
Participatory budgeting makes sense


Korinna Horta:
The World Bank must not dilute its environmental and social Safeguards in order to promote its own business interests

Tom Frenzel, Svetla Dimitrov and Till Voigts:
In Bangladesh, the Glory Future Model School knows how to motivate teachers appropriately

Carolina Carias:
Village entrepreneurship can and should start with what is already in place


Interview with Mark Pyman about military matters: “Transparency is feasible” | Letter | Comments on trade union elections at Foxconn’s Chinese factories and the French intervention in Mali