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Print edition

Contents October issue

by Wolf Dagmar

In brief



Contents page of October's D+C print edition with links to all contributions:


Hans Dembowski:
The dangerous underlying message of Scotland’s independence referendum



PEGNet discusses employment strategies in developing countries / Cooperatives are underestimated drivers of change / UNDP assesses vulnerabilities of poor people / Multilocal lifestyles are normality / Nowadays: Regulating clinical drug tests in India / In brief / Intergovernmental agencies’ engagement with civil society remains superficial too often, argues new CIVICUS report

Focus: Peacebuilding

Anne Niyuhire:
A brief history of Burundi’s women’s quota at all levels of government

Anthea Bethge:
What makes life hard for women in post-conflict settings

Jean-Marie Vianney Kavumbagu and Gesine Ames:
Next year’s elections may put Burundi’s peace at risk

Interview with Esther Mujawayo:
“You are not crazy, your situation was crazy”

Abdirahim Gure:
Women’s economic empowerment in Puntland
The mission of Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Germany

Interview with Bochra Belhadj Hamida:
Tunisia’s democracy is still fragile
Promising, but incomplete: Tunisia’s legal provisions for achieving democracy and reconciliation

Hans Dembowski:
Lybian turmoil

Joanne Liu:
West Africa needs massive support to tackle Ebola
Ebola likely to be „greatest peacetime challenge“ that the UN has ever faced


Abebe Yehualawork:
Disabled youth lack opportunities in Ethiopia
Children with disabilities in Ethiopia must be lucky to get adequate support from non-governmental organisations
Interview with Uwe Hutzler:
Environmentally correct tanneries in Vietnam and China

Lea Dünow, Christian Pirzer and Anja Schelchen:
Disaster prevention, eco-system services and the difference local people can make


Interview with Marianne Beisheim on multi-stakeholder partnerships: “Don’t keep reinventing the wheel” / Letters / Comment on sentenced Khmer-Rouge leaders in Cambodia / Op-ed views: climate summit in New York