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Carlos Albuquerque

last contributed to D+C/E+Z in the autumn of 2019 working for the Brazilian service of Deutsche Welle in Bonn.

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Political influence

Playing with religious identity

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro won the election thanks to the votes of conservative Christians


Blank cheque for the president

Brazil is in crisis – Jair Bolsonaro’s election as president reflects it

Bolsonaro cabinet

Controversial appointment

Brazil’s newly appointed justice minister accused of political interference

Cultural loss

National disaster

The devastating fire at the National Museum in Rio de Janeiro symbolises the desperate political situation in Brazil


Brazil's IMF experience

In similar settings, Brazil’s experience with the IMF was much better than Argentina’s

Political violence

Murdered hope

Civil-society activists are increasingly at risk in Brazil

Latin America

Dysfunctional governance

Brazil’s democracy is in crisis

Evangelical churches

Gaining ground

Evangelical churches are on the rise in Brazil, and even have political influence

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