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Floreana Miesen

last contributed to D+C/E+Z in winter 2019/2020 as a geographer and freelance author.

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The political causes of famine

A new book spells out that good governance can prevent famine even in the era of global warming

Climate engineering

Buying time

Scientists disagree over whether technology should be used to manipulate the climate system

Land degradation

Highland challenges

In mountain regions, soil degradation is particularly advanced and has serious consequences

Sustainable mobility

Fundamental transformation required

Expert report calls for abandonment of fossil fuels in transport

IPCC Special Report

Sounding the alarm

IPCC report paints a bleak picture of the state of the world’s oceans

Global governance

Navigating complex policy arenas

Two interactive online tools can help to understand global environmental policymaking better

Displaced persons

Ignored people

Forced displacement is at record-high numbers

Relevant reading

Local action, global purpose

Though garbage challenges are similar all over the world, every place needs its own solutions

Fashion industry

Mainstreaming responsibility

NGOs want to mobilise consumer pressure towards higher production standards in fashion industry

Military affairs

War technologically transformed

Drones and robots are increasingly marking warfare

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