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Korinna Horta

last contributed to D+C/E+Z in summer of 2020 as a resident scholar at the University of Lisbon and as an independent researcher and writer.

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Multilateral development banks

Too many loopholes

The AIIB needs clear time-bound rules on information disclosure to mitigate environmental and social risk

Infrastructure projects

Paying the price for development

When people are displaced to make room for large-scale development projects, the trauma and impoverishment are real and long-lasting

International finance institution

Dangerous transformation

World Bank can do more lending – and charges more interest rates

Multilateral bank

Reform gone wrong

The World Bank’s social and environmental standards have been weakened significantly

International financial institutions

Concern for the most vulnerable

New World Bank Framework puts poor people at risk of displacement and marginalisation, ignoring lessons of the past

Eminent scholar

Marked by displacement

Michael Cernea – a leading public intellectual from the World Bank

Global role model

Harmful competition

World Bank and AIIB must not only pay lip service to social and environmental standards

Global role model

Rolling back protection

The World Bank plans to dilute its social and environmental standards

Forests degradation

The end of over-optimism

Poor people's access to resources and governance are core issues of reducing carbon emissions from deforestation

International Finance Institutions

Most relevant review

The World Bank is reviewing its social and environmental Safeguards – and civil society organisations fear dilution

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