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last contributed to D+C/E+Z in winter of 2019/2020. He is a journalist and lives in Northern Ghana.  

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Traffic safety

Carnage on the roads

Ghana’s roads are increasingly scenes of serious traffic accidents


Road to riches

To become a regional powerhouse, Tamale in Ghana needs appropriate transport infrastructure

Identity checks

Securing Ghana’s borders

New identity checks at Ghana’s border crossings are causing confusion

Human trafficking

False promises

Nigerian women are forced into prostitution in Ghana

Food security

Dangerous food

Ghanaians are afraid of poisonous mould in grains and cereals

Rule of law

Reports of torture

In Ghana, juvenile offenders are kept in prisons for adults which is against the law


Sharing property after divorce

Ghana is slowly changing the rules of how to share assets after a divorce


Protecting the young against violence

Laws in Ghana are supposed to protect children against becoming victims of violence


Going blind

Many people in Ghana go blind from glaucoma because they have no access to treatment


Dangerous journeys

Due to unemployment, many young Ghanaians want to migrate

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