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Global tourism industry

A not very sustainable recovery of global tourism

The global tourism industry is recuperating from the coronavirus pandemic but least developed countries in particular lag behind. Among the biggest challenges are lack of investment and the climate crisis.

Sustainable development

Nepal must grasp opportunities that tourism offers

Himalayan nation can benefit from foreign visitors, but must control cultural and environmental harm.

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Devastating floods

One of Brazil’s more prosperous states devastated by flooding

Extreme weather is causing increasing damage around the world – including in South America’s largest country.

Sustainability certification

How sustainability certification works in tourism

Green Globe certifies companies in the tourism industry based on 44 criteria that go hand in hand with the SDGs. CEO Birte Pelayo explains the certification process and what is important for truly sustainable tourism.


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Development cooperation

Aid is problematic, but indispensable

Official development assistance has risen to record levels, but aid flows still often fail to deliver the intended results


The sustainability agenda humankind needs

As new experiences are made, development thinking keeps changing – slowly, but continuously

Climate Foreign Policy

The climate crisis is exacerbating hardship in conflict areas

The climate crisis is severely impacting vulnerable groups. In areas dominated by violent conflicts, the situation is particularly grave.

Global crises, local impacts

When a relatively strong African country is struggling on all fronts

If you want to know what impacts multiple global crises have on the daily life of a developing country, consider the example of Kenya

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