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The pros and cons of plastic water tanks

Large water tanks are a blessing in case of water shortage in Zimbabwe, but also have downsides

Our view

The nightmare of states that are too small

For informal businesses, state absence means people can only trust those who are close to them


Informal farming in the city

In Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, many farms face an uncertain future

Disaster response

Learning from the catastrophe in the German Ahr Valley

The flooding in July 2021 could have been less disastrous if the authorities had learned from the past and from other countries

Fatal fires

When building regulations are not followed

Government officials pay too little attention to fire hazards in Nepal

Fire hazards

Nepal pays too little attention to fire hazards

Poor enforcement of building codes, inadequate zoning controls and deficient infrastructure add up to significant fire hazards in Nepal


The US needs to build back better

President Joe Biden so far has failed to get Congress to pass important climate policies

Informal sector

Abidjan’s acute housing shortage

In Côte d’Ivoire’s commercial capital, a harsh eviction policy has made life more difficult for low-income communities


Informal real-estate business in West Africa

Slums are growing rapidly in many cities in low-income countries. A new study sheds light on who profits from the informal property market

Indian Ocean

Indigenous communities at risk

Tribal cultures and languages are disappearing from Andamans and Nicobars

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