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Thuany Rodrigues

is a journalist in Brazil.  

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Child poverty

The harsh reality of street children in Brazil

Homelessness is a considerable problem in Brazil. Very young children are affected too, and their rights are massively violated


Hope for Brazil’s forests

The Brazilian Minister of the Environment, Marina Silva, has promised to end deforestation in the Amazon

Personal experiences

Covid-19 impacts worldwide

D+C/E+Z contributors from very different countries share their personal experiences on the Corona pandemic

Urban life

What expats say about crime in Europe and Brazil

Violent crime is a much bigger threat in Rio than in Hamburg or London

Gated communities

In Rio, the price of a safe home is very high

For the privileged few, gated communities provide a refuge from violent crime in Brazil


The exhaustion factor

Burnout is taking a toll on Brazilian workers, especially those in health care

Price surges

Inflation’s unwelcome return

Brazilians tighten their belts in the face of price rises for food and fuel

Chronic diseases

Brazil’s health-care challenges

With chronic diseases on the rise, Brazil’s health-care headaches extend beyond the Coronavirus

Health care

An over-stretched system

Brazil’s health-care system struggles to offer uniform service in the country’s poorest areas

Forced labour

Slavery in all but name

Slavery is formally illegal in Brazil but in practice it is still widespread

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