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Social disparities

India’s tiny plutocratic elite is growing fast

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has delivered pro-rich growth

National census

Counting the number of people

The Ugandan government is conducting a census after a decade, estimating the country’s population to be over 40 million people.

Border closure

Political decision causing human suffering

After the renewed closure of the border between Burundi and Rwanda, people living along the border are calling for it to be reopened.

Business start-up

Local mobile app challenging international competitor

In South Africa, Delivery ka Speed is cheap and easy to access, and it offers its services in townships Uber Eats is avoiding.

Undocumented immigrants

Immigrants trapped in illegality

In Johannesburg, clerics and worshippers say their conscience is torn between illegal money and seeing their churches impoverished, because they fund their churches with illegal mining.

Informal business

Hard working female head porters in Ghana

In Ghana, many rural, poor women are left with no option but to take up labour-intensive blue-collar jobs, such as carrying heavy loads with pans on their heads.


Free access television viewing for all

Governments in Sub-Saharan-Africa strive to destroy the monopoly of Africa’s leading pay-TV provider, offering cheap free-to-air devices to their citizens.


Prolonged hardship in Malawi

Many Malawians are disappointed with their government, abandoning the hope that their economic situation will change for better

Corporate social responsibility

Why the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD) matters very much

Sustainable development would be hampered internationally should European legislation regarding supply-chain management fail, and Germany’s reputation would suffer too.

Ecological transition

Energy partnerships for the ecological transition

The so-called just transition is expensive. Rich countries need to support poorer ones.

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