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Daily Life

Motherhood in Burundi

A working mother of five reports how she organises childcare despite expensive day-care in Burundi

Girl's education

Nepalese girls still don’t have equal educational opportunities

The lives of young women in Nepal are determined by traditions and taboos, even though the constitution guarantees them equal rights

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The fate of mothers with disabled children

In families with disabled children in Malawi, women bear the main burden – moreover, they are often abandoned by their husbands and communities


Good education for everyone

Though poor education affects society as a whole, many governments do not prioritise the sector appropriately


Mexico wants to prevent teenage pregnancies

What young Latin Americans must learn about sex and reproductive health

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Formative years

Privileged, yet stressed out

Obesity and the pressure to perform in school haunt India’s middle-class youth


“Health is a universal right”

Health is a universal right argues Gonoshasthaya Kendra in Bangladesh

Sub-Saharan Africa

Change people’s minds

Paradigm change needed in view of population growth


Protection from a collapsible tube

HIV: Protection from a collapsible tube

Reliable Data

“Uganda stands out in Africa”

Uganda's statistical office stands out in Africa

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