Rule of law

Mexico needs opportunities, not violence

Mexico had high expectations of the present government’s promise to curb crime and improve security. With crime rates high and prosecution rates low, confidence in the state and its institutions is now waning further

Migration in Latin America

Venezuelans continue to leave their country on dangerous treks

People of all ages still leave Venezuela using ever more perilous routes. North America remains an increasingly desirable destination

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Alcohol abuse

Unwilling and incapable of working

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Thousands of people missing in Mexico

Gang violence and the war on drugs costs many lives every day in Mexico and causes a lot of suffering

Kenyan election

Suggestion to legalise industrial hemp

A candidate of Kenya’s presidential election proposes to generate income by legalising hemp to reduce the high public debt


Broken promises and western failure in Afghanistan

In regard to Afghanistan, Bush and Obama made three major mistakes


Afghans feel left alone in view of US withdrawal

President Biden’s exit from Afghanistan is likely to be followed by escalating civil war


Security-focused modernisation has failed in Afghanistan

An attempt to build peace in Afghanistan – with the Taliban

Violent strife

Rekindling the war on drugs

Why destroying Colombian coca fields with pesticides may backfire terribly

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