Platform on Disaster Displacement

Protecting people displaced by disasters

The Platform on Disaster Displacement is a state-led initiative that works to protect people displaced by the impacts of climate change and natural disasters.
Screenshot of the Platform on Disaster Displacement Screenshot of the Platform on Disaster Displacement

Its mission is to carry forward the work of the Nansen Initiative established in 2011/12, which developed a Protection Agenda for Disaster-Induced Cross-Border Displacement on the basis of regional consultations. That agenda was endorsed in 2015 by 109 states. The Platform on Disaster Displacement was launched at the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit by Germany’s then Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier (see article by Sabine Balk in D+C/E+Z e-Paper 2017/4, Focus section). The chairmanship went first to Germany, then passed to Bangladesh. The next chair will be France. The Platform’s objective is to integrate the Protection Agenda in international processes. It has significantly helped to get the issue of climate change and disaster-induced displacement recognised in the UN Global Compact on Migration, the Sendai Action Plan for Disaster Risk Reduction and the Paris climate-change talks. A resolution was passed in Paris to create a Task Force on Climate Change and Displacement, in which the Platform is involved. At a regional level, the Platform is mainly active in Latin America, East Africa and the South Pacific. It is largely supported by Germany. (wk)

Platform on Disaster Displacement:

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